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Welcome to my site, I am Gary Irving and I am an expert on careers. The goal of this site is to make sure that you have all of the information that you need to have a successful career in a constantly changing work environment. There is a lot to learn so you should get started reading right away.

One of the biggest challenges that most people face is in choosing a career in the first place. There is a lot that has to be considered and most people will make their choices with nowhere near enough information. One of the goals of this site is to help you to learn how to choose the right career for you and to teach you how to research potential careers so that you can choose a good one. There are a lot of aspects to a job and you have to make sure that you know about all of them so that you can make an informed choice.

Once you know what career you want to pursue you are going to have to find a job. In truth this is probably something that you are going to have to do several times during your career. A job search can be a difficult and frustrating experience. However if you know what to do you can make it is painless as possible. With the help of this site you should be able to go out and get the perfect job for you.

Of course finding a job is just the first step, once you have a job you are going to want get promoted so that you can keep moving up the career ladder. This may be the biggest challenge of all and one where most people will fail. The reason is that nobody ever tells them how to get promoted. In order to do it you are going to have to impress your boss and be able to do it without bragging. At the same time you will have to make sure that he knows that you are looking for a promotion without explicitly asking for one. There are some people who know how to do this naturally, most need to learn how.

There are all kinds of other things that you will need to know about to have a successful career and this site aims to help you with them. You will need to know how to handle things like corporate restructuring or the way that online education has made it necessary for people to constantly be upgrading your skills. Despite what you may have been told working hard and doing a good job are not going to get you anywhere, there is a lot more to a successful career than that these days.